Candy Land – Themed Cake

My daughter lost a tooth yesterday. She still hasn’t discovered the gift the Tooth Fairy left for her under the pillow. She’ll find it when she comes home from school today. Now, here’s a cake that the Tooth Fairy won’t be too thrilled about – a Candy Land cake. I made it last year for the double birthday celebration of two sweet girls.

This was a fun cake to make and decorate. I used a lot of real candies for decorations. I still made a good number of decorations out of fondant. Take for instance, Princess Lolly…

I found out just a few minutes ago that Princess Lolly, who resides in Lollypop Woods looks, just a tad different now. I guess the version we have of the Candy Land game is old.  It’s where I based this Princess Lolly topper from. Watch out, Princess Lolly! The Tooth Fairy is after you! Hee hee.

It was late September when I made this cake. No candy canes on sale yet! So I just made some, out of fondant, I mean. *wink*

Where are the cute lollipops when you need them? I probably just wasn’t looking hard enough. I like my pink and purple spiral lollipop.

Follow the signs!

And here’s the back of the cake! What a sad day for dentists! Hee hee.  That’s coming from someone with sweet teeth. I have more than a sweet tooth, you know!

Cheers, y’all!

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