Sweet Treats from Le Madeleine

I have a confession to make. Hubby and I have never hired a sitter. And neither have most, if not all, of our closest friends. Don’t judge because that’s just how we are, tragic as it might sound to some. Hee hee. However, our little circle has devised what we’d like to think is a win win plan where everybody ends up happy.

So what’s the plan? We, the parents, schedule our dates around our kids’ play dates. It’s more like the other way around really. We schedule play dates around our occasional mommy and daddy only date.  And I tell you, it works like a charm. *wink*

And here’s how one of our couple friends thanked us for hosting a play date:

Yumm-eee! These were from Le Madeleine. It would have been unwise to be in one of ’em blood testing dallas labs the following day. Haha! We have the sweetest, most thoughtful friends. Promise!

Our small family shared most of the calories, from the oist and chocolatey Sacher Torte to the tiramisu and the  fruit tart and the Napoleons.

Didn’t I say it was a win win plan? *wink*

Cheers, y’all!

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