Happy Hour at Kona Grill

I love happy hour, not for the drinks but for the half-priced bar chow. True, choices are limited, but that’s something I can live with. To be honest, I really couldn’t care less about the drinks. I’m an eater more than a drinker. I actually prefer to drink water  or unsweetened iced tea more than anything else. Oh, let’s not forget my coffee!

It was a good friend who introduced me to the beauty that is the Kona Grill happy hour. A good number of appetizers and sushi rolls can be enjoyed at only half their regular menu prices. So, when I am too lazy to cook, which lately, I almost always am, we time our visit to Kona Grill such that we’re there close to dinner time and just before the office crowd comes in.

We typically order 4 kinds of rolls (each order is 8 pieces) and for my daughter, the Kona Calamari.

She loves those crunchy deep fried battered squid rings, which is served with spicy aioli dipping sauce. As of our last visit, the price is around $5.  She also loves the Crab Crunch and California rolls.

For hubby and me, we almost always order the Spicy Salmon or the Spicy Tuna roll, rolls our daughter won’t touch just yet.  We love a little kick in our food. It’s a huge bonus that a little heat helps speed up metabolism. That’s something I learned from Dr. Oz, not from a Thyroid doctor austin.  The rolls are priced at around $3.50 during happy hour. I say that’s a bargain!

There are other interesting items on the happy hour menu, which we have yet to try. To think we’ve already been there a couple of times! Predictable people. That’s us! We can always try next time, or maybe not.

It’s Friday! Have a good one, y’all!

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  1. The Kona Calamari looks amazing! Your post is really appetizing :)
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