Pink and Purple Garden Cake

Here’s another cake entry out of my treasure chest. Majority of the cakes I’ve made for little girls have the same color motif – pink and purple. I have to admit, I love those colors myself. When a friend requested me to make her daughter’s first birthday cake, she basically just told me she wants a pink and purple 2-tier cake with lots of flowers (like a garden), and maybe a fairy or princess. I love it when I practically have free rein on a cake’s design. *wink*

I had fun making this cake. Come to think of it, most of the cakes I’ve made thus far were a lot of fun.

I really need to work on  my figure-sculpting. Hahaha! I appreciate that lately, friends have been requesting for inedible figure toppers, so the kids can play with them after the candles have been blown.  Bless their hearts!

I especially like the mushrooms. I think they’re cute. Do you see the  swings between the mushrooms? Please say you don’t because there’s none! Gotcha!

I think I’ve got a couple more pink and purple cakes in my treasure chest. You’ll see them all soon.


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  1. inday says:

    Wow love it!
    Hw i wish i know hw to bake this anf decorate like this..


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