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In a very recent lunch date, hubby and I went to a mountain lodge that offered scenic views practically anywhere and everywhere we looked.  The really cool thing was, we didn’t have to drive more than 20 minutes away from where we live. So where’s this mountainous region right smack in the middle of Round Rock, Texas?  Twin Peaks! The sports bar’s logo says it all: Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views. And mind you, they were not lying, specially about the scenic views. *wink*

Twin Peaks is the perfect man-cave really.  It is ruled by fun, sexy, confident and very well endowed women dressed in red and black checked tops and wee bit shorter than short khaki shorts.  There were more than enough flat screen tvs that were tuned in to sports and the Twin Peaks channels.  But it would really be quite difficult to concentrate on the tv screens when all the action was right there on the the dining room floor and at the bar. Even I found it hard not to stare! Yeah, envious much! Hee hee.

Twin Peaks has a single-page menu.  You know that it’s not very smart to eat at a sports bar when you’re watching your weight and counting calories, right?   I’m pleased that they had something for the temporary non-meat eaters like hubby and me.

I ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Basket. Fire Fries completed the ensemble.  All the chicken strips became my daughter’s afternoon snack when she came home from school. And mind you, she thought they were delicious. :)

My food was served in a wire basket with a paper liner. I kinda liked the presentation. I had three dipping sauces, too: poblano mustard, cocktail and tartar.  What is it about fries that one just can’t get enough of them?  I would have loved a piece or two more of  shrimps. There were only four.

Hubby ordered the Blackened Fish Tacos served with nachos and salsa…

The fish was seasoned well and perfectly cooked. The veggies did not overpower the flavors of the fish.  The nachos were a little greasy for my taste but guess what, I had a couple of them just the same.

I understand if you have second thoughts about bringing your kids to Twin Peaks.  But you are more than welcome to bring them. Kids eat free at Twin Peaks on Saturdays and Sundays until 4 PM. I can just imagine what my daughter’s going to say if and when we bring her to Twin Peaks, “Their clothes are too small.”

Twin Peaks boasts of beer that is served at 29 degrees in a frosted glass. I hear they even form crystals at the top! Drinks have very playful names, too, like Dirty Blonde and Knotty Brunette. Did I mention that hubby had a Knotty Brunette?

Overall, I liked the energy of the place.  Don’t be surprised if you chance upon guests bobbing their heads like yoyos in a yo yo factory.  You can blame that on the music!  Hubby and I were quite pleased with the food.  We also found the service to be good.

Next time we’re here, we’ll try the wings, which is the true test of sports bar awesomeness. Ha!

Cheers, y’all! Enjoy the view! *wink*

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    Hey i had a question, i have been reading your blog for a couple months now and just recently went through it. I made the flan recipe and it came out perfect! I was wondering why you don’t have a potstickers entry. I love potstickers and have been looking for a good recipe to make them from scratch. Any ideas?


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