No-Bake Cupcake Favors

My daughter had her First Holy Communion over a week ago. I was not able to make a cake to commemorate the special day. I did, however, make “no-bake cupcakes” as token gifts for her friends who celebrated with us.

So they’re inedible. Hee hee. I got the idea after going through countless websites looking for First Communion party favors.  A lot of my daughter’s friends are older than she is. I did not want to give them another party bag with pencils, bubbles, stickers and candies. I thought a white washcloth would be a nice and at the same time symbolic favor. I topped the cupcakes with a lollipop.

Half of the materials I used for this no-baking project were already available to me here at home. I used scrapbooking paper for the cupcake liners. The curling ribbons were from my stash of gift wrapping supplies. The gift tags, I also printed myself. The only things I bought were the washcloths (from Costco) the Tootsie pops (from Target) and the cellophane bags (from Michael’s – Don’t ever forget to use a coupon at Michael’s!!).  I dare say the perceived value of the favors was greater than their actual cost. *wink*

Just like the cakes, cupcakes and goodies that come out of my kitchen, these inedible goodies were so much fun to make. Yes, yes…I have too much time in my hands. Not! :)

Cheers. y’all!

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