Barney and Friends Birthday Cake

I was going through the list of posts on this blog’s dashboard and found a draft for an entry, which I attempted to write in March.  It was about a cake that I made in September 2011. That’s just so flake-y, if you ask me! Hee hee. I don’t know if I have any more drafts waiting to finally get published. But here is one that will now actually get to see the light of day.

I made this Barney and Friends cake for the 2nd birthday of the daughter of dear friends of mine. My own daughter had a Barney and Friends cake for her 2nd birthday, which I ordered from Goldilocks.  Simpler times. *wink*

This was one of those days when stars related to cake decorating, if there are any, were in perfect alignment. I was in such a good mood when I was making this cake that I made not one, not two, but three fondant cake toppers. And boy were these heavy! I thought I was going to need a Howard Medical hospital cart-ish type of thing to carry the cake. Kidding!

I know for a fact that one figure took me more than an hour to make. I know, I know, too slow! But a lot of times, I get too obsessed about the little details. That should be a good thing, right? But there are deadlines.

Of these three figures, Baby Bop was my favorite. Just look at her! Please say she looked like the real thing. :)

I love making cakes for kids. This particular cake took me back in time when my daughter thought that a purple singing and talking dinosaur was the coolest thing on tv…he and Dora the Explorer! Simpler times.

Now, let me go see if there are other drafts to be unearthed.

Cheers, y’all! :)

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3 Responses to “Barney and Friends Birthday Cake”

  1. titus says:

    wow…. parang ayaw mong kainin yung cake kasi sobrang ganda ng decoration.
    titus´s last blog post ..Sagada’s Top Tourist Attractions, Eco-Adventures and Restaurants


  2. jamie says:

    this cake looks great! you are really good at working with fondant! i have never tried working with fondant because i’m afraid it will taste really bad. besides i’m still working on not letting my cake layers slide off each other (i know i need to crumb coat. i never did in the past) and finding just the right cake recipes.


  3. Keith says:

    Pre-heat the oven now and start updating this site again, Weng! The blogosphere needs you : )
    Keith´s last blog post ..No Artsy Fartsy


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