Chompin’ on Chips

| March 26, 2012

For a change, I was an eager spectator at a race yesterday, the Austin Statesman Capitol 10K. I was cheering, first and foremost, for my favorite runner in the whole wide world – hubby. *wink* I also cheered for a good friend and practically everyone who ran in front of me on the race course. […]

Tuna and Cream Cheese Maki

| March 9, 2009

Cream cheese was my most used ingredient between Feb 27 and March 7.  I used it to make Strawberry Napoleones (February 27th) and Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Coffee Cake (March 6th).  Hubby and I also snacked on crackers and cream cheese while watching tv one night.  And because March 6th was meatless Friday, I made […]

WS #39: Candy Trimmings

| December 15, 2008

Do you know the Christmas Alphabet?  In case you don’t, it’s a Christmas song and the first line is this…”C is for the candy trim around the Christmas tree”.  And candy trims we will have on our Christmas tree!  Lookey! Here are some more… I’ve had these goodies since Monday last week but it was […]

RT #1: Cherry on Top

| December 2, 2008

This is the White Chocolate Milkshake I ordered at Steak ‘n Shake two weeks ago.  I would have ordered a side-by-side Vanilla and Coffee Mocha Milkshake like I did the first time we were there, but the red and green sprinkles, not to mention the cherry, on this white beauty got the better of me.  […]

WW #32: Monster Cupcakes

| October 28, 2008

I got this pack of cupcake pix from Michael’s two weeks ago.  I “test drove” them last Saturday on freshly baked chocolate cupcakes as a dry run of sorts for the treats I will be making this upcoming weekend.  There are six designs of two pix each, for a total of twelve. Bat. Check.  Ghost. […]